Design & Value: ingredients for superior results

Primary goal of Global Fair Design is to provide shape and value to the Company image, offering new ways of design and construction, identifiable by using different materials and study of original architectural forms.

Specialized in the design and realization of exhibition space, It is measured everyday with firms of all sizes by increasing their professionalism and the capacity to identify new paths.

In addition, to meet the needs of customers, Global Fair Design has three different packages to study the exhibition space.

The booths can be rented
The fastest and most economical solution, with facilities that fit the needs of the moment.

The booths are available for hire with reusing
The benefit to have an exhibition structure that allows the long-term use with no problems for the Customer. Global Fair Design will take care of assembly and disassembly, maintenance, storage and insurance coverage.

The booths can be bought
The certainty to have a structure of its own, unique and exclusive, close-fitting to the style of the branding message.


A history that lasts since three generations

The company was founded in Milan in 1920 by Estewan Cocconcelli, the first to realize equipments for electrically animated shop windows.

These moving objects gave great product visibility and may be considered as the forerunners of the TV commercial.

Since the 50's, under the leadership of his son Luciano Cocconcelli, the company, with a long experience in the sector of advertising, took its first steps in the field of exhibitions, collaborating with internationally renowned architects and working in prestigious venues such as the Triennale di Milano, the Expo of Montreal and Lausanne.